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Michael Franti and Spearhead return with their eagerly-awaited album, ALL REBEL ROCKERS, on September 9, via Anti-Records. Recorded in Kingston, Jamaica, with reggae's most prolific production teams, Sly & Robbie (No Doubt, Alicia Keys, Sean Paul, Bob Dylan), this new release deviates from Franti's previous sound and comprises a hybrid dub-infused soul flavor with some hard-hitting dub rock production. Alongside Dave Shul (guitars), Manas Itene (drums), Carl Young (bass) and Raleigh Neal (keyboards), the album also features Zap Mama founder Marie Daulne and Jamaican soul/dancehall star Cherine Anderson.Recorded in Kingston, Jamaica and Franti’s hometown of San Francisco, California.


Franti talked to Express about the ideas behind the tracks on his newest work.

Rude Boys Back In Town
That's a song that's about the experiences of traveling and coming back home. I come back to town and everybody's like "Michael, where have you been? What are you doing? You look like you've lost weight. Are you eating OK?" So I explain my stories to people. Traveling is the blessing and curse of being a musician. It's afforded me the opportunity to see so much of the world that I never imagined I would see — like when I was a kid I used to spin the globe in the library and stick my finger down on Bora Bora or someplace. But it's also the curse in that it takes me away from my family and friendships.

A Little Bit of Riddim
If you listen to the verses, it talks about all the things that are happening today. It says "Do you remember a time before every day was the news of a holy war?" It goes on and on and cites all the things that are happening in the world right now. But in the chorus, it's an uplifting statement: A little bit of rhythm makes the world go round. I always say I don't know if music can change the world overnight, but I know it can help us make it through a difficult night.

Life in the City
Again, it's one of those songs that's an expression of everything that's happening in street life. But it's also an expression of "Throw your hands in the air and let's have gratitude for what we have."

Hey World (Remote Control Version)
Hey World (Don't Give Up Version)
The "Remote Control" version is kind of a call to stand up, to rise up and say, "Let's throw away that remote control and let's take action." The "Don't Give Up" version is an internal message to myself for the times when I feel weakest and most worried about the state of the world. I'm asking the world "Please don't give up on me, and if you don't then I won't give up on you."

All I Want Is You
"All I Want is You" is just a pure love song about desire.

Say Hey (I Love You)
When I first wrote that song I had a very complicated chorus for it. I was in the streets of Brazil and I was singing the song for people with my guitar. I realized the only part they understood was the "I Love You" part. So I ended up just repeating [sings] "I love you, I love you, I love you." That melody really caught on and soon kids were dancing and singing. So we ended up going back to Brazil to make the video in the same way that I had written the song on the streets of Rio de Janeiro.

I Got Love for You
It's a song that I wrote for my son. When he turned 21 he left home and I was 21 when I had him. He was getting on a Greyhound bus, going from San Francisco to New York City, so I went into my studio and I wrote the song for him, and I gave it to him on a CD. I remember him calling me. He was sitting in the back of the bus listening to the song and crying a little bit, and I was crying. It's really a song of letting go and it's saying it's OK to let go.

"Soundsystem" is a song that came from my experiences of listening to music in the early '80s. As a teenager, there was the Clash — they were taking sounds from everywhere, from reggae, from funk, from rap, and they were putting it all into this one thing. Then you also had a group like Blondie who were doing the same thing, or the Police who were doing reggae, or Queen who was doing a Chic [bass] riff on "Another One Bites the Dust." You had all these great combinations of music. That one came from that musical memory.

The Future
"The Future" is a song that I wrote and [put] on a demo and I gave to a friend about seven years ago. One day I was at a show of mine and I hear it coming out of somebody's car. I go up to their car and I'm like, "How did you get that song? We never released it." And he's like, "Well, I got it from somebody who got it from somebody in Hawaii." My friend lives in Hawaii. So I called him up and was like, "Man you can't let my demos out like that! But thanks, man, because it's a good song and I'm gonna rerecord it and put it on this album."

High Low (featuring Zap Mama)
That's a song that I wrote with Marie Daulne from Zap Mama. We were in Belgium at Marie's house. I picked up the guitar, and we both started talking about our mothers. That song is about the experience of me meeting my mother — my birth mother, I should say. I didn't know her, and I met her when I was 22. It's about the highs and lows of going through the emotions of meeting my mom, who I never knew.

Nobody Right Nobody Wrong
That's a song I wrote in Israel and Palestine. After having spent time traveling there and talking to people on both sides of the conflict, I realized the only way there's gonna be peace there is when both sides come to agreement on solutions that consider the other side. It can't just be "My side is right your side is wrong." You've gotta consider the needs of both sides.

Have a Little Faith
This [John Hiatt song] is a kind of a self-descriptive title. I really believe that's what we need today in this world — the optimism and something that helps us hold onto the optimism. Yes, the world appears to be in chaos, but there is a possibility that through everybody uniting we can address some of these issues that we face today.

13 brand new tracks produced by Sly & Robbie (Peter Tosh, Jimmy Cliff, No Doubt) and Matt Wallace (Maroon 5, O.A.R., Blues Traveler)

01 - Rude Boys Back In Town
02 - A Little Bit Of Riddim (featuring Cherine Anderson)
03 - Life In The City
04 - Hey World (Remote Control Version)
05 - All I Want Is You
06 - Say Hey (I Love You)
07 - I Got Love For You
08 - Soundsystem (featuring Cherine Anderson)
09 - Hey World (Don't Give Up Version)
10 - The Future
11 - High Low (featuring Zap Mama)
12 - Nobody Right Nobody Wrong
13 - Have A Little Faith



Official Release Date: 2006
Label: Boo Boo Wax & Anti

In 2004 Michael Franti decided to ‘walk his talk’ and traveled to the war zones of Iraq, Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories. This wasn’t a USO green zone sponsored visit – Franti and his team organized a trip that would take him to the core of the red-zoned, war torn neighborhoods of Baghdad, the West Bank and Gaza Strip with his guitar, video cameras and the intent to experience first hand the human cost of war. Out of this journey, Franti has created a compelling documentary film titled I Know I’m Not Alone and a searing, reflective new album of original songs titled Yell Fire! recorded in Kingston, Jamaica and Franti’s hometown of San Francisco, California.

Ironically, Franti’s journey to the war-ravaged Middle East inspired his most uplifting set of songs to date. He explains, “The thing that I found when I was in war zones was that nobody wants to hear songs about war. They want to hear songs about connection to people, and songs about love and life, songs that make them dance.” It was legendary Island Records founder and Franti cohort, Chris Blackwell, who suggested that Kingston, Jamaica would provide the perfect backdrop for translating these impulses to tape.

The Kingston sessions brought in the godfathers of riddem Sly and Robbie on live drums and bass, percussionist Sticky Thompson along with Spearhead bassist Carl Young and guitarist Dave Shul. The tracks were recorded at Anchor Studios with Mario Caldato Jr and Robert Carranza (Beastie Boys, Jack Johnson) engineering. Franti continued to write and record upon his return home to San Francisco before handing mixing duties over to Brian Malouf (Eric B, Ziggy Marley, Pearl Jam).

Franti has always spoken his mind through his music: from his early punk rock band Beatnigs, to the industrial-noise of Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy, to the thinking-man’s hip-hop of Spearhead. “In the past, we’ve touched on a lot of genres of music,” Franti says, “but this is an album where all those things have been rolled into one. I feel this is our best record yet.” Songs like ‘Yell Fire!’ and ‘Time To Go Home’ are calls to action: in the streets, at home, and in our own hearts. Other songs such as “I Know I’m Not Alone,” an uplifting blast of hope, “One Step Closer To You” featuring a soulful backing vocal by Pink, and the beautiful “Is Love Enough?’ featuring reggae star Gentleman, tap into the album’s compassionate side.

While seeing Yell Fire! to completion back in San Francisco, Franti began editing the hundreds of hours of footage from his travels in the Middle East. What emerged was an intimate telling of how war affects the individual: the cab driver, the soldier, the aspiring young musician. It was during this process that the film and album became inextricably linked. Franti recalls “my editing studio for the movie was upstairs and my recording studio was downstairs, so I would constantly alternate from one project to another. The process was like a catharsis for me, moving through this journey I had made.”

In addition to his groundbreaking recordings and globally acclaimed live concerts, Franti is a renowned speaker for social justice and human rights. He has lectured at many of this country’s top universities, including Yale, Georgetown and Stanford, and shared the stage< with the likes of Mohammad Ali, Bill Clinton, Michael Moore, Ralph Nader, and Gloria Steinem. In 2005, Franti became the first recording artist since Johnny Cash to perform at the maximum security, level 4 section of Folsom State Prison.

Track Listing
01 - Time to Go Home
02 - Yell Fire
03 - I Know I'm Not Alone
04 - East to the West
05 - Sweet Little Lies
06 - Hello Bonjour
07 - One Step Closer to You
08 - Hey Now Now
09 - Everybody Ona Move
10 - See You in the Light
11 - Light Up Ya Lighter
12 - What I've Seen
13 - Tolerance
14 - Is Love Enough

Official Release Date: 11/23/05
Label: Boo Boo Wax

This double CD set features over 2 hours of performances hand-picked from the band’s first Alaska Tour in June 2005.
Recorded over 2 nites at the Bear’s Tooth Theater in Anchorage, Ak, this special record features an introduction by Congressman Dennis Kucinich, 3 previously unreleased tracks, an acoustic piece and some older favorites.

Track Listing
Disc One:

01 - Dennis Kucinich Intro
02 - Oh My God
03 - Yes I Will
04 - Yell Fire
05 - Love Invincible
06 - Every Single Soul
07 - Stay Human
08 - Cool Water

Disc Two:
01 - Runfayalife
02 - Love is da Shit
03 - What I Be
04 - Pray for Grace
05 - Pray for Grace (acoustic)
06 - Bomb the World
07 - Everyone Deserves Music
08 - Never Too Late/Everybody on a Move

*NEW EDITION* with Bonus Track and Music Video

5th Release on Boo Boo Wax
Produced By: Michael Franti
Mixed By: Michael Franti, DJ Choco
Mastered By: Eddy Schreyer (Oasis Mastering)

Track Listing
01.- Love Kamikaze
02.- Love Me Unique
03.- What Happens Next
04.- Stay Human
05.- I Wish That I Could Be You
06.- Every Single Soul
07.- Keepin' It Natural
08.- Come and Mess With Me
09.- A Minute's All I Need
10.- All Night Long Ain't Long Enough (Acoustic) *NEW*
11.- Bonus Music Video, Love Me Unique *NEW*

Michael Franti - Vocals, Guitar
Carl Young - Bass, Keyboards
Sandra Manning - Keyboards
Dave Shul - Guitar
Roberto Quintana - Percussion
DJ Choco - Programming, Scratching
Background Vocals - Azeem, Tony Moses, Trinna Simmons, Michelle Weeks

While moving location of his recording studio, the Sugar Shack, Michael Franti stumbled over a box of jewels with various unreleased versions of songs from past Spearhead sessions for Home, Chocolate Supa Highway and Stay Human.

Love Kamikaze: The Lost Sex Singles (and collector re-mixes.) "The songs on the album are not all about sex and love lyrically," Michael says, "some mixes were chosen because of the sensuality of the rhythm and heaviness of the bass." The result is a lush sounding album that is erotic in it's sound, that takes a brave look at love lost and found. "This album is a historic reference point for me. Hearing these songs again brings up a lot of emotion for me, because it was a time of great change in my life."

The Lost Sex Singles is a compilation of songs about love and sex that Franti felt didn't belong or were too different than his politically themed albums. The response toward the live performances of these unreleased songs always garnered massive fan response and requests for recorded versions, so when Franti stumbled upon the box of alternate mixes and unreleased material, it was a sure sign to put out some more love and music into the world.



Official Release Date: August 19, 2003
4th Release on Boo Boo Wax
Produced By: Michael Franti
except for
Pray For Grace & Bomb The World (Armageddon Version)
Produced By Sly Dunbar, Robbie Shakespeare & Michael Franti
Mixed By: David Bianco
Mastered By: Eddy Schreyer

Track Listing
01.- What I Be (4:45)
02.- We Don't Stop (4:36)
03.- Everyone Deserves Music (4:36)
04.- Never Too Late (4:50)
05.- Bomb The World (4:28)
06.- Pray for Grace (4:52)
07.- Love, Why Did You Go Away (4:29)
08.- Yes I Will (4:01)
09.- Feelin' Free (3:54)
10.- Love Invincible (3:50)
11.- Bomb The World (Armageddon Version) (4:44)
12.- Crazy, Crazy, Crazy (3:30)

Michael Franti - Vocalist, Guitar & Programming
Carl Young - Bass, Keys
Dave Shul - Guitars
Manas Itene - Drums
RadioActive - Rhymes, Beatbox
Bob Crawford - Keys
Roberto Quintana - Percussion

Additional Musicians:
LZ Love Phoenix- Background Vocalist
Leon Mobley- Percussion (We Don't Stop)
Ledisi- Background vocals (Bomb The World Armageddon Version)(Courtesy of LeSun Music)
Nick Rossi- Guitar & Voice (Feelin' Free)(Courtesy of Jarrah Records)
Gift Of Gab- Rhymes(We Don't Stop)(Courtesy of MCA/Quannum)
Josh Klor- DJ Cuts(Courtesy of Double Linoleum Records)
Nebiet Barham- Background Vocals(We Don't Stop)
String Players- Cypress String Quartet:
Cecily Ward- Violin
Tom Stone- Violin
Ethan Filner- Viola
Jennifer Kloetzel- Cello
Additional Violins: Deborah Tien Price & Michael Yokas


Original Release Date: January 2003
3rd Release on Boo Boo Wax
Produced By: Michael Franti
Mixed And Mastered By: Mark Pistol
Recorded By: Jon Mayer

Track Listing:
01. Yes I Will (4:20)
02. Closer To The Sky (4:12)
03. Firefly (2:28)
04. Love'll Set You Free (3:41)
05. Love Invincible (3:21)
06. Anybody Seen My Mind (3:59)
07. Sometimes (3:46)
08. Stay Human (4:43)
09. Oh My God (5:44)
10. Ganja Babe (4:20)

Michael Franti - Vocalist, Guitar
Dave Shul - Guitars
Carl Young - Bass, Flute, Background Vocals
Manas Itene - Drums
RadioActive - Beatbox
Bob Crawford - Wurlitzer, Piano
Adrian Areas - Percussion

Additional Musicians:
Steve Carter- Paino (Track3)
D.J. Choco- Programming (Track 3)

Original Release Date: May 15, 2001
2nd Release on Boo Boo Wax
Produced By: Michael Franti
Mixed By: Mark Willsher & Michael Franti

01. Oh My God (5:07)
02. Radio Segment (:55)
03. Stay Human
(All The Freaky People)(4:27)
04. Radio Segment (:59)
05. Rock The Nation (4:26)
06. Sometimes (4:05)
07. Radio Segment (1:26)
08. Do You Love (4:50)
09. Radio Segment (1:18)
10. Soulshine (3:58)
11. Every Single Soul (5:44)
12. Radio Segment (1:02)
13. Love'll Set You Free (3:57)
14. Thank You (4:55)
15. Radio Segment (1:02)
16. We Don't Mind (4:49)
17. Radio Segment (:50)
18. Speaking In Tongues (4:45)
19. Radio Segment (1:36)
20. Listener Supported (4:38)
21. Radio Segment (:44)
22. Skin On The Drum (6:19)

Michael Franti - Vocalist
Carl Young - Bass, Keys, Flute & Sax
Dave Shul - Guitars
Roberto Quintana - Drums & Percussion

Additional Musicians:
Ramon Lazo- Keyboards & Fender Rhodes
Mary Harris- Background Vocals
Vocals on "Listener Supported" Featuring Zap Mama Courtesy Of Virgin Records Belguim.
Radio(Active)- Vocals & Rap (on Track 5)
Josh Klor- Background Vocals (on track 11)
Caitlin Cornwall- Background Vocals (on Track 13)
Tanya Saw- Vocals (on Track 20)
Al Marshal- Drums (on Tracks 1,5,7,11,& 13)
Troy Limpkins- DJ Cuts (on Tracks 11 & 16)
Jay Lane- Drums (on Track 16)
Victor Castro- Trombone
Gordon Ramos- Saxaphone
Bob Crawford- Keyboards (on Track 10)




Recorded Live May 1999 At The Baobab
1st Release on Boo Boo Wax
Original Release Date: Summer 2000
Produced By: Michael Franti
Edited & Mixed By: Mark Pistol & Michael Franti

"Michael Franti: Live at the Baobab" is a recording of a warm evening of spoken word poetry and acoustic music recorded live at the Baobab restaurant, in the heart of the mission district in San Francisco, Ca. We recorded seven nights of exspeariences in front of a packed and sweaty room of raucous Spearits (a term for a Spearhead supporter) and edited it down to the most, humorous, enraging, enlightening, and inspiring 70 minutes.

Michael Franti - Vocalist
Carl Young - Bass, Sax & Fender Rhodes
Dave Shul - Guitar
Roberto Quintanta - Percussion
Ramon Lazo - Keyboards
Troy Limpkins - Bass*

01. Words (:18)
02. Red Beans & Rice (2:35)
03. Dream Team (3:39)
04. Food For The Masses (3:25)
05. People In The Middle (4:19)
06. Crime To Be Broke In America (8:30)
07. Every Single Soul (6:57)
08. Words (1:45)
09. Positive (4:19)
10. Words (2:43)
11. Ganja Babe (3:37)
12. Words (:38)
13. Stay Human (6:06)
14. Gas Gauge (5:38)
15. We Don't Mind (5:51)
16. Sometimes (3:48)
17. Words (:29)
18. Oh My God (9:02)

Original Release Date: March 25, 1997
Label: Capital Records
Produced By: Michael Franti
*Produced By: Michael Franti and Stephen Marley
Executive Producer: Kim Buie
Mixed By: Prince Charle Alexander; except *Mixed by Joe Nicolo
Mastered By: Price Charles Alexander; execpt *Mixed by Joe Nicolo

01. Africa Online (:44)
02. Chocolate Supa Highway (5:08)
03. Keep Me Lifted (4:20)
04. Food For Tha Masses (5:01)
05. U Can't Sing R Songs (5:27)
06. Tha Payroll (Stay Strong) (5:09)
07. Madness In the Hood (Free Ride) (4:49)
08. Rebel Music (3 O'Clock Roadblock)* (5:26)
09. Why Oh Why (4:51)
10. Comin' To Gitcha (4:07)
11. Life Sentence (:13)
12. Ganja Babe (3:33)
13. Wayfarin' Stranger (5:28)
14. Gas Gauge (Tha world's In Your Hands) (4:35)
15. Water Pistol Man (Chocolate Mix) (5:44)

Michael Franti: Vocalist
Trinna Simmons: Vocalist
Carl Young: Bass/Sax
David James: Guitar
Ras I Zulu

Label: Capitol US

1. Hole In The Bucket (Slave Ship Remix)
2. Hole In The Bucket (Sherwood Dub Mix Edit)
3. Runfayalife (95' Remix Edit)
4. Hole In The Bucket (Slave Ship Instrumental)
5. Hole In The Bucket (Sherwood Dubstrumental)
6. Runfayalife (95'Remix Instrumental)

CD5 Capitol US
1. Slave Ship Remix
2. Sensimi Street Mix
3. LP Version
4. Slave Ship Remix Instrumental
5. Sensimi Street Mix Instumental
6. LP Version Instrumental



Capitol US promo only

1. People In Tha Middle
2. Positive
3. 100,000 Miles
4. Hole In The Bucket
5. Where The Love Goes

1. Of Course You Can
2. Positive
3. Water Pistol Man(Acoustic)
4. Booty and the Beats

Capitol US

1. Positive (Radio Edit)
2. Positive (LP Version)
3. Positive (Live Triple J Version)
4. Crime To Be Broke In America
(TV Track)
5. Positive (Instrumental)


Michael Franti & Spearhead: Home
Capitol US

1. Why Oh Why (Album Version)
2. Why Oh Why (Number Won RMX)
3. Food For Tha Masses (Album Vers.)
4. Why Oh Why (Number Won RMX Instumental)


1.Why Oh Why (LP Version - Clean Edit)
2.Why Oh Why (Number Won Remix)
3.Why Oh Why (Accapella - Clean Edit)

1. Why Oh Why (Album Version Clean Edit)
2. Why Oh Why (Number Won Remix Clean Edit)
3. Food For Tha Masses (Album Version Clean Edit)
4. Why Oh Why (Number Won Remix Instrumental)
5. Why Oh Why (Accapella Clean)
6. Food For Tha Masses (Accapella Clean)

12" (white Label) Capitol US
CD Capitol US

1. LP Version
2. The Angel Remix Edit
3. Mello Madness Remix Edit
4. Adrian Sherwood Remix
5. Forward Evah! Backward Nevah!
6. Adrian Sherwood Remix Instrumental
7. Mello Madness Remix Intrumental

Original Release Date: September 20, 1994
Label: Capital Records
Produced and mixed by: Michael Franti and Joe "the Butcha" Nicolo
*Produced by: Michael Franti
Mixed by: Michael Franti and Craig Silvey
Executive Producers: Kim Buie and Len Fico

01. People In The Middle (5:04)
02. Love Is Da Shit (5:37)
03. Piece O' Peace (4:54)
04. Positive (4:29)
05. Of Course You Can (4:38)
06. Hole In The Bucket (5:22)
07. Home (1:42)
08. Dream Team (4:41)
09. Runfayalife (4:42)
10. Crime To Be Broke In American
11. 100,000 Miles* (5:21)
12. Red Beans & Rice (4:27)
13. Caught Without An Umbrella (5:22)

Michael Franti: Vocalist
Mary Harris: Vocalist
Le Le Jamison: Keyboards
Keith McArthur: Bass
David James:Guitar
James Gray: Drums
Sub Commander Ras I Zulu


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Michael Franti and Spearhead: Say Hey Music Video
Say Hey Music Video

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